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Hi - It's a pleasure to welcome you to the website. We aim to provide you with as much information & photographic resources as possible to further both your interest & enjoyment of collecting pieces as made by the Jema Holland Company from the 1940's to 1984 & to provide a professional, one stop website for all your resources & information relating to the Jema Holland Company.  


Officially, very little is known of the jema holland story other than, as a business originally started in 1920, it was taken over by the Mager Brothers (Jelis & Johan Willem), the year was approximately 1942 & it wasn't until after the Second World War in 1945, that the business was officially registered and began to expand it's operations.

There does however appear to be quite a large discrepancy in any available information exactly as to when this occured, some documents stating that it was not until as late as the 25th November 1955 that the business was registered officially.

In August of 1958 a third family member, Hendrick Mager became a co director of the business & on the 1st of April 1963 Jelis Mager finally retired, followed by his brother Willem on the 8th of April 1977.

In October 1977 the company got a new director by the name of Adolf Gustaaf Wiemer who apparently was a relative of Hendrick Mager, Hendrick Mager himself retired on the 20th October 1982.

Finally on the 28th June 1984 the company was declared insolvent & had to close it's doors. 

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This member has, following a considerable amount of time & effort, been successful in locating, identifying and documenting, a previously as yet unrecorded or documented Jema Holland sideboard clock.

(467) Musical Boy Seated Sideboard Clock.


As members of this site are aware, the task of identifying all of the clock styles as made by the Jema Holland company is a mammoth task.

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This *NEW* section will highlight the latest Jema Holland piece of interest to come to our attention. If you have a piece that you are unable to identify or can't find reference to it, on our website or elsewhere, visit our discussion forum for answers or visit the contact us page.

Rare: Jema Holland (480) Bird of Prey Clock.

The extremely rare (480) Bird of Prey Clock - discovered by team, brings us one step closer to discovering & recording all of the clocks produced by Jema Holland whilst in business. (see below) recently acquired this exquisite (480) Bird of Prey Clock

This (480) Bird of Prey clock was acquired from a collector in Holland, & had been purchased as new, following which it was added to a personal collection hence the mechanism within is in 100% mint condition.

The mechanism in this clock is in mint condition.



You can help to discover, identify & catalogue jema holland  pieces.

Jema Holland were known to have produced approximately eighty (80)

differing clock designs many have been identified & recorded already however;




To assist with the task of identifying & cataloguing the missing Jema Holland Clocks, Lamps & Figurines


If - you find a Jema clock, lamp or figurine - & it's not listed on our website - please feel free to contact us at

jema holland identifying marks

Jema holland as a working factory/ production house made considerably more pieces than most of us would be aware. Although in essence they were numbered, at times some - what crudely, in the very early years of production they were stamped with plain, pale single colored  inks, usually with just the name, "Holland", or perhaps even with just the word "Jema" as stand alone brands.

On normal grounds, one would associate Jema Holland pieces more commonly with a base mark, & more often than not, with either one, the other, or both of these words (Jema &/ or Holland) etched or engraved into the base & be accompanied by a production number.



Identifying a Jema Holland Piece by name is usually relatively simple, however, when interpreting an individual production number, this can become more difficult, due to factors such as over glazing (or running glaze) associated with the manufacturing process. See Below.

jema holland designs & styles

The Jema Holland collection is incredibly diverse, hundreds of animals from land & sea & from around the globe are represented in this equisite collection of over 900 items as procuded by Jema Holland. From all continents Jema drew inspiration & incorporated their designs into a catalogue of pieces manufactured into figurines, clocks, electric lamps, wall plaques & pockets, vases, busts, bowls, money boxes & as general ornaments.  

The clocks & lamps in particular have been superbly designed & equisitely crafted by artisans of day's gone by, produced in incredable detail & provide for the collector to marvel as to their commanding majesty & investment properties.

From vintage to retro, horse & cart (old world) to modern home, Jema's influence on world mantlepieces was dominating at the least. Sold world wide, Jema produced porcelain items as & when the market required, exporting their pieces worlwide by tayloring designs to suit the individual geographical regions.



People may at first encounter or begin to apprerciate the Jema Holland static figurines, but to the Mager Brothers credit they produced finely crafted & affordable household treasures like the clocks & electric lamps that are frequently being passed on from one generation to the next,  & whilst gaining significantly in value in that time. 

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